First Annual Beer Mile - 2005



     For those of you not fortunate enough to have joined us for the First Annual Beer Mile, I have posted a commentary and results for you below.  And if you would like to see the video, you can download it HERE.

     With the entire applicant list filled with rookies, it was Bruce Littlefield's grit, determination, and belching that earned him the gold medal.  Bruce, the oldest, but definitely not the most enfeebled, started slow but eventually pushed the pack of drinkers past their limit as he finished his final beer well ahead of his young competitors.  Only seconds before, Eric Worden was looking as the strong favorite until he upchucked any chances he had of taking first.  Eric's regurgitation of his beer earned him a penalty lap, and made Bruce's lead near impossible to overcome.  So as Bruce crossed the finish line in a, not so blistering, 13:32, the rest of the pack was still trying to choke down their final beers.  Jason Meyer, still seeing a chance to overtake Eric for 2nd place as he runs his penalty lap, quaffed his last bit of beer down, and took off with reckless abandon is pursuit of Eric "Fishbone" Worden.  But it was too late, the damage had been, and Eric's lead was too great and crossed the finish line a whole 75 meters ahead of the Chairman.  Not to let Eric out do him in anything, the Chairman promptly heaved up all four of his beers soon after crossing the finish line.

     Next down the line were Jim and Chris battling it out for 4th and 5th place!  Jim's relentlessness helped him to chug his final few sips, take off for his last lap and pull into 4th place.  Chris promptly followed in his footsteps to snag 5th place, just happy to not have puked.  But the feel good story of the afternoon has to be that of Lisa "Favor" Thoennes and her tenacity to overcome odds and finish such a male dominated race.  Lisa easily snags the "Inspirational" award, for not only was she the only female to finish, she was the only one to participate (her main competitor, Allison "Hangover" Maghan forfeited entry).  And by doing so she actually snagged 6th place out of 7, as Kenneth P. Noisewater had a hard time overcoming his excessive drinking of the prior night and was unable to continue after the first lap.  But we know Kenneth is a competitor and will come back next year with a strong showing.



Official Results


Place Name Time Sex   Age  Beer
1. Bruce "Ringer" Littlefield   13:32.0 M 51 Tecate, from can    
2. Eric "Fishbone" Worden   15:13.0   M 27 Tecate, from can    
3. Jason "Chairman" Meyer   15:28.0   M 28 Tecate, from can    
4. Jim "Cinderella" Hinrichsen   16:26.0   M 31 Tecate, from can    
5. Chris "Limpy" Czerneck   17:24.0   M 26 Tecate, from can    
6. Lisa "Favor" Thoennes   27:40.0   F 26 Tecate, from can    
7. Tim "Keneth P. Noisewater" Maghan   DNF   M 27 Tecate, from can


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